Hello lovelies! I'm Katrina and I put the very first Daykeeper out into the wild in 2014. I was a bright eyed 20 something

who wanted to create a journal slash datebook that had  not yet existed.  I wanted a journal that was unlined and had wide open space for my thoughts and musings, with the right amount of inspiration. I created the Daykeeper with my needs in mind.

Fresh out of university and  constantly travelling for the first time, I was devoid of an actual schedule and just wanted a journal that could hold my thoughts and my gratitude list, and somewhat help me keep track of my vague travel plans. As I was travelling and writing (in my now defunct blog), it felt natural to include some the photographs I was taking while on the road,not to showcase my work, but to share the beauty I had encountered in my travels and the inspiration I had drawn from nature. The photographs were a homage to the one true Artist- The Ultimate Creative, the Maker of the Great Outdoors.


I have also been privileged to work with talented illustrators  and artists who have generously

poured their creativity into the planner layouts. I took a shot at sharing this new idea and printed 1000 copies, and you guys bought every single one. I have, since then, found kindred spirits in the wonderful ladies who have continued to share their dreams and musings with The Daykeeper over the years. 


We all have grown and somehow evolved over time, our needs and personal style constantly changing. We've gotten different haircuts, moved to different cities and have generally just CHANGED. The Daykeeper has had its fair share of transformations over the years as well, especially in terms of its  layout and exterior. We've taken a brave leap and decided to make our very first Undated Daykeeper, to rid you of the unnecessary pressure to fill out a journal. Instead, we endeavor to help you build a habit of writing and reading daily, through this new design.

This new layout is no longer filled with photographs, but we've designed it in a way that is more purposeful, bringing about the right  amount of inspiration and calm. At it's core, it is still the same Daykeeper we have grown with. My hopes and intentions for it remain  the same: to keep alive our sense of childlike wonder and to to cultivate a life of

gratitude, creativity and connection. I dream it does just that for you, friend!

Love & Light,